eSeason, outdoor accommodation management software that’s NF525 certified

eseason logiciel certifie NF  logiciel de gestion

eSeason’s architecture includes functional and technological upgrades that closely follow strategical changes in the market. eSeason is NF525 certified and in compliance with the latest till management software standards. This guarantees you tranquillity in the event of an inspection by the fiscal authorities.
This product is certified by: AFNOR Certification 11, rue Francis de Pressensé 93571 Saint Denis La Plaine Cedex, FRANCE. The certification documentation can be acquired from INFOCERT.

The application for marketing and managing your campsite

The outdoor accommodation industry is constantly evolving. Thelis, with its 30 years of experience and collaboration with campsites, has solid foundations in the profession. And to assist you in your current and future activities, Thelis has developed eSeason, the new generation campsite management software! eSeason’s architecture includes new technology to increase your productivity, generate higher turnover and win your customers’ loyalty.

eseason gestion accueil campings

eSeason was built with the help of outdoor accommodation specialists, and is specially designed to increase your productivity for efficient campsite management. With eSeason campsite management software, you can instantly see where your availabilities are and find the gaps in your schedule, to optimise your occupancy rate.

You can also save a considerable amount of time by dealing with several requests simultaneously, thanks to an interface with multiple windows. eSeason campsite software optimises check-in and check-out management.

Market your campsite range effectively and win over your guests with new technology and functions that are adapted to strategic changes in the market.

eSeason campsite software offers you a personalised customer relationship management (CRM) module, and features such as dynamic pricing and group stay management. There’s also a broad range of tools for developing your marketing strategy: packages, sales to individuals, half board, group marketing, campsite catering management.



With eSeason, the next-generation management software for campsites:
-Sell your range better (counter-proposals, available stock, half board, rates per person, discount management, etc.)
-Optimise your planner and your revenue
-Grow your customer base and your sales
-Automate tasks and save time every day
-Analyse your business
-Win over your customers